Convert expensive loans, settle bank overdrafts, or combine old loans.

Convert expensive loans, settle bank overdrafts, or combine old loans.

You know the problem: You have a negative coupon, but you definitely need immediate credit, debt debt and financing without up-front costs and traps – but where do you find well-known lenders, when credits are available and who can you around the clock a loan catch up on the internet?

The search for the best credit providers has tackled Manager Ge for you. In the search for the best credit providers, we looked around. Conclusion – The No. 1 e-book for a loan without Credit bureau!

Funding Basics: A Practical Introduction

Funding Basics: A Practical Introduction

At the beginning of this volume there are two examples from the author’s work: one of his colleagues wanted to acquire part of the company from a competitor, estimated goodwill (excluding financing costs): one million euros, liquidity needed for the purchase: 800,000 euros. Because the sole shareholder had recently provided his (“private”) house with a large mortgage loan, no credit could be taken for lack of security.

In another example, it was even more dramatic: Another entrepreneur needed half a million euros to build an assembly hall. There was no money available here either. In this volume, the author has written much of what he has always said or said to his clients.

After the author’s attempt to convey what he considers most important in his teaching, this work also addresses those who study business administration. In doing so, the author had two groups of people in mind when creating this work: on the one hand the medium-sized company and its employees, who have to manage the financial circumstances of the company, and on the other students of business administration as part of their studies.

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